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Our Story

Welcome to Besto

Welcome to Besto Bakes, where culinary passion meets a haven for delectable Italian and Continental cuisine. Our menu is meticulously tested for authenticity, prioritizing healthy, fresh ingredients. Impeccable hygiene and quality are paramount in our pristine culinary environment. With our in-house baking unit, we craft daily batches of warm, fresh bread, including hand-crafted burger buns and patties. Experience the best cafe in Calicut at Besto Bakes, where each bite reflects our passion for exceptional food. Join us for a delightful journey of flavors, where every bite is an invitation to savor the harmony of passion and quality. Welcome to Besto Bakes, where delicious food is an experience, not just a meal.

Our Café

Welcome to Besto Café

Welcome to Besto Bakes Cakes Cafe! Immerse in the delightful flavors of Italy and Continental cuisine in lively Calicut. Our inviting ambiance makes us the top ambient cafe, offering a rich Cappuccino to discover Italy's essence. Beyond delicious food, we're committed to an exceptional dining experience. With a visually captivating atmosphere, dining at Besto is a feast for the eyes. Join us for a celebration of flavors and positive vibes in every visit!

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